How much does joy cost???

via Daily Prompt: Micro

Micro waves, micro economics ,micro biology umm what should i talk about ???? Alright folks its going to be about micro cars (if you have used ola or uber for booking cabs you would know that an option for micro cars shows shows up on the bottom bar; now those are the micro cars i am gonna talk about) This is not some technical post where i will review a car or comment on a cars’s upholstery ;this is about how people (not all but many) perceive the notion of buying a new car.

When a person starts climbing up the success ladder and advances in the direction of successful careers buying a car usually marks a very significant event !!! Being able to buy a car is a matter of great pride and joy for a number of people out there(including me ! i wanna earn and save and buy a car from money that i earned on my own) Anyone whose reading this may think that hey so whats wrong with that ??? True there isn’t anything wrong in this however the problem begins when people start categorizing  themselves and start feeling somewhat lesser in terms of affordability than a person who owns a bigger and costlier vehicle. They start finding faults with their own cars which was very dear to not only them but also the people who got to ride in them.

People start demeaning their mini cars and wish to upgrade even when they may not have means to do solely to brag and to show how they can afford expensive things (even though it might deplete their resources in the process)

This by the way is highly uncool . One should be proud of what they can achieve on their own terms and own means they should not insult themselves and the hard work that went into earning the money invested in your cute little mini car !!! Maybe it doesn’t have airbags or it lacks a gps but still it is way more valuable than those cars out their with so many more features because of the will the labour the joy which went into buying it.They correctly say money can’t buy everything so its pointless being jealous of others and their huge ass Suvs

Before i go i would like to remind you that it was herbie who won the race and not that race car( surely you have seen herbie fully loaded right???)

Prompt of the day : Micro


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